Here is the latest news about Shira Boss, Bob Redman and Up in the Leaves

Publishers Weekly – Book Review of Up in the Leaves

(February 19, 2018)

“When park authorities arrive one morning, readers may anticipate that Bob is in trouble. Boss, however, delivers a gentle surprise: Redman is hired to work as an arborist in the park—so long as he agrees to stop building treehouses. There’s no don’t-try-this-at-home message; the conclusion delivers a heartening suggestion that, when someone breaks the rules in the spirit of ingenuity and imagination, the circumstances call for an equally innovative form of intervention.”

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Junior Library Guild – Up in the Leaves is an Official Selection

(February 2018)

Up in the Leaves is an official Junior Library Guild Selection for Spring 2018! The Junior Library Guild is a monthly subscription box for school and public librarians, and their mission is to fuel the lifelong love of reading by making it easy for these libraries to get the very best books for their young readers.

Kirkus Reviews – Book Review of Up in the Leaves

(January 15, 2018)

“Boss shares the tale of Bob Redman, a real arborist in New York, with simple, heartfelt language, displaying compassion and understanding of Bob’s dedication to his trees. The text appears in white spaces nestled among Christoph’s soft, delicately hued illustrations, which beautifully depict, with great attention to detail, the wide variety of trees that Bob encounters.

A tender, gentle celebration.”

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