School Visits

To request Shira for a school visit, click here or contact her at (212) 222-4867.

Nature, Science, Stories!

I love speaking to children about the green world of New York City!

Students from preschool to high school are entranced by the idea of a boy who made a home in the trees of Central Park, featured in Up in the Leaves: The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses. My new book The City Tree takes the adventure to an average city block – oh, how life changes when a tree moves in!

Younger kids enjoy a walk-through of the picture books while I give them behind-the-scenes tidbits and speak to them about how their own lives are touched by trees.  I’m always happy to answer children’s questions about writing and how books are made.

In addition, I am a Citizen Pruner licensed by the New York City Parks Department to help maintain the city’s street trees. So I can help teach students of all ages what they can do to take care of the trees outside their schools or homes.


An author visit is exciting for students, and I love bringing a passion for books and writing to youngsters. Please get in touch here and I look forward to working together and meeting your students!