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Nature, Literature, Squirrel Puppet!

I’ve spoken to students from preschool to high school and they are all entranced by the idea of a boy who made a home in the trees of Central Park!

Younger kids enjoy a walk-through of Up in the Leaves while I give them behind-the-scenes tidbits and speak with them about how their own lives are like Bob’s. They also love meeting my big, fluffy squirrel puppet. I’m always happy to answer children’s questions about the treehouses and writing books!



Elementary children are interested to meet an author and learn about being a writer and how a book is made. (Of course, they are also intrigued by a city boy who built treehouses in a public park!) I show the first draft of the book, and compare my illustrations to the final ones in the book by Jamey Christoph.

For high schoolers, I’ve spoken about finding a career path you love, through the example of Bob’s growing up shy and tree-loving in the big city and eventually becoming an arborist.

An author visit is exciting for students, and I love bringing a passion for books and writing to youngsters. Please get in touch here and I look forward to working together and meeting your students!